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What are LED downlights and What Role do they play in LED Lighting?

When it comes to various types of LED lighting, downlights, otherwise known as LED downlights, are quickly becoming a popular choice. Designed to provide the best quality lighting possible while being virtually hidden in respect to physical appearance, downlights are ideal for a variety of homes and businesses in the United Kingdom.

Compared to traditional bulbs, LED downlights produce more lighting, use less energy, use less heat, have a longer life expectancy, and are free of mercury. Learn more about LED lighting in the United Kingdom at Ace Lamps.

Additionally, downlights can also provide pinpoint lighting in order to focus on a specific area or be broad in nature and cover a large area. Based on the recessed placement within the ceiling structure in question, the lights can be customized to fit your individual needs. Downlights can be manipulated to shine in essentially any given direction once installed.

In terms of basic usage when discussing LED downlights, the most common and most seen application comes in the form of house lighting. Many people, especially in a living room and/or television room setting, utilize downlights for not only their lighting needs but for visual appeal as well. Essentially hidden from view courtesy of the necessary holes within the ceiling, downlights allow the room to be lit in fine fashion without the appearance of multiple, and often times visually clunky, lighting fixtures.

Needless to say, old traditional table lamps, perhaps many of them, will likely be packed away if this form of LED technology is introduced in your home. In addition to the aforementioned home use, downlights are also common in a plethora of public settings such as office buildings, restaurants, conference halls, hotels, etc. On a much larger scale, many basketball arenas and multipurpose indoor athletic facilities have also been fitted with LED downlights within the past several years.

LED lightingWhile a warm white color, essentially that of a traditional bulb, is the common color selection for most people, downlights are produced and sold in an assortment of colors. If you’re in the restaurant or nightclub business, for example, the usage of red downlights could be an option for your establishment. Noted for their long life expectancy compared to traditional bulbs, as briefly noted above, LED downlights are designed to last 50,000 hours. This type of lifespan is ideal for usage in a restaurant where an abundance of lighting is required for many hours at a time.

Although a traditional light bulb will always have a certain charm, LED technology has taken everyone into a much brighter and more efficient tomorrow. When it comes to quality lighting and space saving, LED downlights essentially have the market cornered.

A lot of LED light research can be found at http://www.lrc.rpi.edu/researchareas/leds.asp as they cover numerous topics.

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